Allow or deny access through Windows 10 firewall

Windows 10 offers a number of security features but the one we’re going to look at is the built-in Windows firewall. In this guide you will learn how to configure the firewall to allow or deny access to a
specific application or communication coming from the internet or from a local network. The basic nature of the firewall is to allow or deny access to your computer from the internet/network by filtering or blocking potentially harmful intrusions.

Start -> Settings - > Updates & Security

Click “Open Windows Security”

Left side, click “Firewall & network protection”

Right side, select “Allow an app through firewall”

Click button, “Allow another app…” -> Browse (locate the file to allow through the firewall, my example uses FileZillia Server and it’s located at C:\Program Files (x86)\FileZilla Server\FileZilla Server.exe) - > Open

You should see the selected application below the “Apps” dialog box. Click “Add”

The end results should look something similar to the screenshot below. As you can see the FileZilla server is added to the “Allowed Apps and features” list

This setting should allow any communication directed at FTP FileZilla server to be enabled. 

To remove or block access through Windows firewall, uncheck the application under “Allowed apps and features”, this essentially will deny access to your computer.


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