Microsoft Office Speak – How-to

Microsoft Office OneNote, Outlook, and PowerPoint provide a built-in tool called “speak” that not too many people know about. Speak is similar to a GPS device as it converts text to speech. The speak tool will convert the

How to create a JavaScript drop-down list

Drop-down list (also referred to as a drop-down menu, a pull-down list, and a pick-list), is a common component or feature used on web pages to narrow down options offered by the web page. Here's a small  snippet of

Allow or deny access through Windows 10 firewall

Windows 10 offers a number of security features but the one we’re going to look at is the built-in Windows firewall. In this guide you will learn how to configure the firewall to allow or deny access to a

Microsoft Windows Sandbox, enable, install and use

Windows 10 Sandbox is a lightweight desktop virtual environment similar to Microsoft Hyper-V and Oracles VirtualBox. Unlike the Hyper-V and the Virtualbox, the Windows Sandbox environment is limited in

Managing the TASKBAR on multiple display

Managing the TASKBAR with multiple displays (LCDS). With Windows 10 default installation, the taskbar is duplicated to the other displays. Here, we’re going to look at how to change the settings so that

Populating a Drop Down list with data from a database

Small script that demonstrates how to populate a drop down list or menu with data retrieved from a database using PHP and MYSQL.  Below I copy / pasted a sample data that I’m use as well as the MYSQL statement to query the database.

Margins and Padding, explained

Margins and Padding are the spaces between the elements such as the div tags and the contents(text/images) in your web pages. To a degree they are similar in managing the white spaces between the elements and the content but they do serve a different