Windows 10 – How to remove the check boxes from the files and folder

Browsing the Windows File Explorer you might have see check boxes next to the files and folders icons, and if you’re on a desktop environment you might not necessarily want the check boxes appearing. The check boxes
come in handy if you’re on a tablet or a phone but when you’re on a computer or a laptop with access to a mouse and quick shortcuts the check boxes become more of an annoying then a helpful option.

Example of what you might see

Two ways to enable or disable the check boxes

Method 1

  • Open Windows File Explorer
  • Click the “View” tab
  • Select Large Icons (large icon for better visibility)
  • Uncheck the “Item check boxes” to disable the check boxes that appear next to the files and folders.

Method 2

Using folder "options" to enable or disable the check boxes
  • Windows File Explorer
  • Click the “Options” icon and select “Change folder and search options”. The “Change folder and search option” can also be  accessed through the File menu.
  • click the “View” tab
  • scroll through the options and find “Use check boxes to select items”. If there's a check box, uncheck the checkbox and on the other hand your interested having the check box place a check mark in the check box.


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