Microsoft Word - HowTo create Random Text

Microsoft Word provides a built-in feature to create or generate random sample text. The ability to quickly create random text comes in handy if you’re a student learning Microsoft Word for the first time, or

a teacher / instructor who needs a way to quickly get the students up and running without waiting for them to find sample text to teach with. 

To create the random text, the “Replace text as you type” will need to be enabled. Otherwise, the feature will not generate the random text.

There are three ways to generate random text in a Microsoft Word document. 

Method One: 

The first method will generate three “Lorem Ipsum” paragraphs and four sentences. If you're interested in knowing more about  Lorem Ipsum text, please follow this link:   

  • Open Microsoft Word 
  • Type or you can copy/past   =lorem(3,4) 
  • Enter. 

If you need more paragraphs and or sentences, change the numbers between the parentheses to reflect the count. 

Method Two: 

The second method is similar to the first method but using a different function. This method pulls the sample text from Microsoft documentation resources.

  • Open Microsoft Word
  • Type or you can copy/past =rand(3,4)
  • Enter

This method will also generate three paragraphs and four sentences consisting of random information. Again, if you need more paragraphs and sentences, change the number between the parentheses to generate more text.

Method Three: 

Third method repeats “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” couple of times. You can still add the number of paragraphs and sentences between the parentheses if you need a different outcome.

  • Open Microsoft Word
  • Type or copy/past =rand.old()
  • Enter

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